After a few weeks consistently traveling, I have developed a list of things I consider minor crimes against humanity. The following is not a comprehensive list, nor does it reflect the opinions of fellow travelers.

Talking loudly to someone across the aisle from you.
Just stop. Nobody cares. Let people enjoy their peace and quiet. Either you are on your way to spend time together, or just finished spending time together. If you must talk, please do so at a normal decibel.

Changing a diaper in someone’s seat.
Yes, world. This actually happened to me. I spent 8+ hours delayed, and only 30 minutes of those were spent back at the gate. We were contained in small quarters for too long, and the poor young mom next to me felt it was appropriate to use our seat as a changing table. Harsh.

Pervasive questions while I have my earphones in.
Look, bro, you seem cool and all but I’m listening to 3EB or Mumford and I’m not interested in continuing our small talk. It was nice that you asked my final destination, and were curious about my job, but we are not friends and we don’t need to spend the next 3 hours chatting. Hence, the earphones.

Putting two personal items in the overhead compartments.
Seriously? Really? Numerous airline employees cautioned you to hold your coat, and stow your small laptop bag/purse under the seat in front of you. The overhead bins are almost full. I am still boarding group 2. I fly like a peasant, but I am responsible with compartment space. Do not, I repeat, do not put your large winter jacket and your backpack and your computer bag in the overhead bin because you will offend me personally.

Coughing, or sneezing without covering your mouth. Really any sort of poor hygiene.
If I can feel my hair move because you are coughing repeatedly and in my general direction, you are my enemy. Don’t get me started on people with intense perfume, or worse, B.O.

Fellow travelers, please take this to heart. Together, we can make flying a more enjoyable experience.

I have this weird desire to delete all of my old posts, and my other blog, to start fresh. When I look at some of the posts, I have trouble making the connection to those feelings. But… at the time they were real, and instead of always looking for a fresh start, I’m going to try and build on my experiences and watch as my writing and interests develop. I guess it makes sense that months ago I was writing about different things - otherwise I wouldn’t be growing, would I?

I took an extended hiatus from blogging after being put on a local project after training. I was discouraged, frustrated, and felt like I had been misled. I left the office every night, had 1+ hr drive to my apartment (which was empty, since my roommate was traveling), and slept in my own bed.

Then one day, I woke up and realized… I’m in bliss. I had forgotten how nervous the idea of living out of a suitcase made me. I had forgotten that this “huge leap of faith” I took when taking a job in consulting, had scared the shit out of me. I was ignorant to the rest of the world, and started to feel the worst kind of content. Rolling off my local project? Not if I can help it. Packing every Sunday? Not unless they make me. I cooked my own dinners, relishing my alone time. I could run outside, in weather I was used to, where I had been running for weeks. But then I started to hear stories. Stories that made me ache. Stories of my fellow coworkers who slave through the week, just like me, but get to fly all over the country and see it with other 20-somethings. And then I broke. Something in me, snapped. I was back to frustrated, discouraged, and this time, down right pissed. Being on a local project took something from me. It took away the community of coworkers I had so looked forward to joining. It took away going to my home office on Fridays. It took away payday happy hours. It took away my sense of belonging to the firm I work for - I felt like I worked for the client.

Now, I can happily say, I am staffed on a traveling project. I spent a week outside of Boston, MA, and now I’m in Syracuse, NY. I’m finally experiencing the life I thought I would be, and I can appreciate it more now having seen both sides. I’ll be back to blogging, and back to sharing pictures, and back to bitching about delayed/cancelled flights, and piles of snow, and living out of a suitcase. But for the first time in a while, I feel like myself again.

This breaks my heart in all sorts of ways. Why am I sitting in a desk right now?

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Sitting in the airport preparing for my first official work trip and SO THRILLED I’m headed to Cincinnati!!!!

Not only have I never been there (or anywhere in Ohio), I’ve been checking the weather and it will be a nice change from the over 100 degree days I’ve had in Texas.

What do I do in Cincinnati at night? Any ideas?

They’re taking pretty good care of me at training…. So that’s nifty They’re taking pretty good care of me at training…. So that’s nifty

They’re taking pretty good care of me at training…. So that’s nifty

Finally settled in my new home in uptown! Had the chance to explore Katy Trail on a run. Can’t wait for Monday when all the fun begins…first day of work!

Love this. How nice it would be if every action taken for even 24 hours served a greater purpose?

Going, going, gone Going, going, gone Going, going, gone

Going, going, gone